On July 1, 2011, the CEO and co-founder of Technicost Inc., Yvan Trepanier, passed away in a tragic accident which occurred at home. Mr Trepanier was an instrumental leader who helped Technicost become an international software provider for credit and investment management solutions.

He worked tirelessly throughout his more than 29 years with the company, starting as a program developer to becoming the CEO. During his leadership, Yvan developed a number of working business alliances with industry suppliers and earned not only their respect as a business leader but lasting friendships from partners such as Celero Solutions, Open Solutions Inc., Desjardins Financial, the CUMIS Group Ltd., Smart Banking Solutions and Industrial Alliance. He is greatly missed by everyone at Technicost and our thoughts are with his family and friends in their loss.

Over the last few weeks, we have been assessing our operations to ensure a structure is in place so that we can continue to provide the best quality of service. As a result, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Dominic Paquette as CEO effective immediately.

Mr Paquette joined Technicost over 20 years ago and was most recently the Vice President of Research and Development. He has been an active partner in helping to shape Technicost’s success and is well qualified and knowledgeable about our clients and product offering.

“Our clients can expect to receive the same quality service and dedication that Yvan was best known for,” says Paquette. “I will follow in his footsteps and ensure that Technicost and our employees are committed to supplying quality financial software to all existing and future clients.”

Mr Paquette is also pleased to reaffirm the continued support of Technicost’s business partners. The CUMIS Group Ltd., which provides insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and their members, is committed to an ongoing business relationship.

“We value the consultative and integrated approach that Technicost takes to product and service development,” says Bob Hague, President, Credit Union Distribution, The CUMIS Group Ltd. “We are committed to working with Technicost to continue developing technology solutions that meet the needs of our credit union clients and their members.”


About Technicost

Established in 1982, Technicost is a well-established and recognized software provider of loan origination and servicing solutions, as well as financial systems for asset liabilities, risk assessment and private investor management.

Technicost is dedicated to helping financial institutions, credit unions, mortgage investment corporations and private lenders increase their profitability by providing reliable and affordable software that streamlines and optimizes all phases of the lending process. A combined financial and technical expertise allows Technicost to understand the business issues behind any technical need, and in return deliver superior products that correspond to the client’s specific needs and expectations. To learn more about Technicost, visit www.technicost.com.


For more information about Technicost, contact:  Dominic Paquette, CEO Technicost Inc.


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