Since 1982, Technicost has been providing Canadian Credit Unions with successful LOS solutions. We’re well established in the industry, yet our young, creative team of computer and financial specialists keep our brand and vision progressive; always a cut above the rest.



A solid roster of thoroughly developed and highly-acclaimed products

We’re very proud of our products, as we’ve worked extremely hard on curating technologies that are the best in show, not only to stand apart from our competitors, but to ensure that our customer’s experience is no less than flawless. Technicost has a solid roster of thoroughly developed and highly-acclaimed products from credit origination to loan management, to funding and managing investments, just to name a few. Our products are delivered via Secured Web Based Online Application available anytime and anywhere.

LOS: Loan Origination

The loan process should be as stress-free and pleasant as possible. That’s where our Loan Origination suite (LOS) comes in.

LOS - Decision System

It’s important for credit unions to zoom in on increasing the precision and efficiency of loan decisions. With this software, lenders, dealers and brokers are delivered an answer in under two minutes

LOS - Online Loan Application

In the name of saving time and facilitating processes, this zero-installation product offers your potential customers the opportunity to apply for loans, mortgages and lines of credit online from wherever they are.

Web Express Transactions

This payment processing software will make life easier for your client by centralizing all transactions from deposits, to withdrawals to accounts receivables, etc.


Technicost’s Loan and Mortgage Systems automates all activities related to the loan servicing lifecycle, including personal and commercial loans, mortgages, construction loans, asset-based financing and lines of credit.


The leading Know Your Customer software on the market. It vets each potential client with five meticulous levels of security to detect and prevent fraud, all in one cohesive system.

Financial Commitment and Follow Up

The FCF considers all of your client’s assets when applying for a loan and lets you define all the parameters of your commercial loan agreement making sure you don’t miss a deadline or a required document.