Manitoba credit unions using the Technicost LOS.

Product Launch:
Please be advised that the latest version of the Technicost eroServe LOS is now available
for installation with your credit union. As you are aware, eroServe is fully integrated
with the iCLIC web services at CUMIS. This close integration provides a more efficient
and effective delivery of loans to the credit union member.

Over the past few months, CUMIS has been working with Technicost to integrate the
latest version of eroServe as part of the CUMIS Creditor Enhancement Program. Testing
of this integration is now complete and we are now able to extend the new integration
to the Manitoba eroServe LOS credit unions. We appreciate your patience and
understanding as we work with you to introduce this system upgrade.

Next Steps:
The implementation project team will be in touch with you to schedule an
implementation kick-off meeting.

If you have any questions in the interim please contact:

Brad George
Sr. Project Manager
Customer Connectivity Centre
905 632 1221 ext 6336

Benoit Larin
Technical Service Manager
514 985 0555 ext 258

Thank you for your continued support,

Scott Denmark
Director, Customer Connectivity Centre

Dominic Paquette