The forms available on eroSERVE LOS 1.4 have now been completely adapted for two other provinces,

Ontario and British Columbia. An interface for the DNA banking system has also been successfully

Here’s what our team is working on for version 1.5 of the software:

  • Integrating a CRM interface (RDPRM and PPSA).
  • Adding QuickQuote, a financial calculator that allows users to save several loan and mortgage
    calculation scenarios.
  • A new interface with Trans-Union.
  • The possibility of attaching documents to a borrower’s file or to a loan request. These documents
    will be available from any location via the Web, making managing and sharing them much easier.
    The files may be of any type: Word, PDF, photo, URL link to a web page, etc.

Much anticipated, this latest functionality will generate great improvements in efficiency and will definitely
receive a warm welcome from our clients!